Jedan:sto is a project designed for Serbian exhibition @ La Biennale di Venezia 2012, in collaboration of 10 authors.

Jedan:sto is a 22x5m table. It’s big enough to fill the space almost entirely with its surface. Table is positioned precisely in the middle of the pavilion, consequently turning the remaining space around it into a narrow hallway 1,2m wide; for walking, running, standing, sitting. Pick-up microphones implemented inside its construction collect every vibration and emphasize all the sounds created by the Venice Biennale visitors. By denying or inverting the scale of a table, authors turned this archetypical object to its extreme meaning, ie. universal, indivisible, sculptural, banal. These adjectives underline Serbian exhibition and its answer to the 2012 biennale theme “Common Ground”, presented by David Chipperfield.

Jedan:sto was disjointed after three months of exhibition and taken out of the pavilion for good.


Fotografije: Marija Strajnić, Tijana Vitomir

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